Dear Parents,

OYO makes every effort to award financial aid when circumstances require it.  Our endowment resources are limited only to families with strong financial need, with an emphasis on student artist’s motivation and talent.  OYO staff reviews each application in confidence and makes award decisions based on the information you provide in this application. All families are strongly encouraged to check their local community agencies for scholarships in addition to those that may be provided by OYO.  Summer scholarship applications must be received by OYO no later than June 1st. Please send your application with registration online or mail to Ojai Youth Opera. PO Box 70, Ojai California, 90324

Please note that all scholarship applications are awarded on first come first serve basis.

For any additional scholarship questions, please contact us at or call 888.827.9754

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THANK YOU for your application. Someone from OYO will contact you shortly.  Looking forward to this Summer!