A Marvel...

"Our body is simultaneously the instrument and the resonance box upon which we have to learn to play. Our muscles are the strings which we must learn to tighten and loosen, one to the other, and our soul is the director of our art... Our vocal art is a marvel just as our instrument is one, and a beautiful human voice which is so blessed to be able to give forth that which stirs our hearts is an incomparable, glorious marvel. We singers are in duty bound to become closely acquainted with this instrument in order to serve humanity with an ideal art." 

Legendary German Soprano Lilli Lehmann - 1848-1829. 


Lehmann performed over 170 roles from Violetta to Carmen, and her career spanned a triumphant 55 years. Lehmann was also a well respected pedagogue and teacher, responsible for training some of the finest singers of the early twentieth Century.